Knackered Parents Night Out 46.jpg

So about Wednesday night! Did Sarah @theunmumsymum and Matt @manversusbaby, really come to Twickenham? Well they did and we can't thank them enough! 😚

Sarah told us about how Henry's class teacher has read the bit in her book where Sarah is milked by her husband! People sometimes ask Sarah and Matt if they are married, related or members of the band 'Same Difference' 😅Matt talked in a tongue and cheek way about how Dads at the moment are 'Frontiersmen' in the changing role of Dads, but he is quite good at the emotional stuff and cried at Pitch Perfect 2!'

We learned how Sarah turned her blog into a book, and does most of her writing in the bedroom! Matt was offered a book deal after his hilarious viral facebook post, written three months after Charlie's birth. 

Everyone who came agreed Sarah and Matt are lovely people and were excited to meet them after the chat! 
Thankyou to @theturksheadtwickenham for the lovely Winchester room, @annikiselfishmother for being the hostess with the mostess and @helenetsouloupas for all her help.

@lovemiss_d took these lovely photos, we are very grateful to her!😍