Norwich: Embrace Screening at Odeon Norwich

A movement: a group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas. 69 women came together last night at the cinema to watch Embrace by Taryn at Body Image Movement. It’s life changing, I urge you to see it. It will make you cross, shocked, emotional and inspired. (The pic shows how how much toxic imagery is contained in a SINGLE magazine title)

It’s made me passionate about doing what I can to avoid my daughter spending hours worrying about food and weight, the diet industry makes millions from us and actually almost all diets fail and put more weight on (there was scientific evidence of restricting calories your taste buds amp up their longing for the food you are avoiding! I didn’t know that!)

There is no innate reason for women to hate their bodies or feel “disgusting” - it’s our environment. When you really SEE the artificial imagery of young perfect bodies in shop window posters, music videos, mannequins, magazines, cartoons, toys, video games you start to realise how your own daughter can easily grow up wanting to look like someone who isn’t real.

Who’s to say that a skinny body is healthy, that’s factually incorrect. Your body, if you exercise for fun, freedom, pleasure will be the shape and size it’s meant to be, it’s a waste of time, energy and headspace to work for a body that isn’t actually achievable! Think what could be achieved, learnt, done instead. Thinner people have similar body hang ups to bigger people. Most women when asked “what do you think of your body” describe it as disgusting. It doesn’t have to be normal to pick on a body part that you don’t like. Bodies are amazing.

My biggest things to take away for me personally are: 

💥Get bloody moving (not being a great role model for an active lifestyle other than normal mum life at the mo)
💥If there is something you are embarrassed about just own it. No one will even notice it.
💥Focus on what your daughter does and thinks rather than what she looks like. Don’t let her grow up thinking looks are the most important thing.
💥Appreciate my body for the incredible things it has done.
💥Anorexia websites terrify me. How are they legal? 
💥For my body to be skinny means I’d need to starve for a good few weeks. I’m not meant to be skinny, forget about it!

My husband..."but we already know that the media portrays women like that”"but Sophia doesn’t know those women aren’t real”

And finally, I strangely feel more satisfied with myself! 
#Tarynbrumfitt you’re just brilliant

Nora Marie Tschirner unfortunately isn’t on instagram (utterly brilliant)

How to prevent your daughter becoming a yo-yo dieter:
-Ban all diet talk
-Don’t refer to food as good or bad
-Never speak negatively about your body in front of them
-Teach children to move their bodies for joy, pleasure and fun
-Teach your children to meditate
-Encourage your children to lead, love, create and care, the way we look doesn’t last
-Discuss the use of photoshop- help kids become media literate 

Tips for us:
The same really! 

We are planning a second date very soon, as midwives, teachers and mothers are very very passionate that younger people should see it. And if you want to host in your area do it! Make people see it!

Also Taryn is fundraising for a Kids version to be shown in primary schools - you WILL want your kids to see it I promise- support it you can!

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