Photo by © Emily Gray Photography

Photo by © Emily Gray Photography


I'm Emma Victor-Smith, Norfolk girl, wife, and mum to two children, 5 and 2 months. I rediscovered social media for myself after my second baby was born (was a bit fatigued by doing it for others at the time, as a brand manager), and I was 'quite keen' to hear from all the inspirational parents inspiring other parents at events around the country, but couldn’t get to them. I found having children awesome but tough…it muddled my identity a bit and it took old photos, a life coach, lots of talking and reading to feel vaguely confident about what comes next. Trying to be a healthy, good mum and wife and a person in your own right is HARD! 

To be honest, a year on, I still don't have many answers apart from everyone is muddling through and to enjoy life as much as we can right now, with what we have. Which I guess is a good lesson in itself.

We Got This (Sometimes!) has been started as a way to bring all this inspiration / glamour / wisdom I could see online, to Norfolk, so will offer events, workshops and get-togethers to inspire + entertain parents. The aim is to bring inspiring guest speakers to discuss everything from parenting, work, creative pursuits, style, and well-being. The events will be for new parents, wise parents, going-back-to-work mums and all mums AND dads.

When I was thinking what could this be called, it came to me that my friends say "you got this" to gee each other up. Like a mantra. I got this, I got this. Some days you do feel like you're winning then all it takes is a bad night and it all unravels. Or just as you're about to put the baby to down (so close!) and they sick everywhere. Or the lasagne you've smugly made from scratch is rejected. 

So the idea is we all have got it sometimes, and getting together with like minded people helps. 

I am proud to welcome Jane in Belfast, and Sophie and Lydia in Twickenham on board, who have also set up groups in their areas!

We work with publishers, authors, influencers, brands, venues, small businesses and the local community.

Sign up to hear about upcoming events :-) or to contact me about setting up 'We Got This (Sometimes!)' in your area!

I work with food manufacturers on their marketing strategy, if you’re looking for support, my Linkedin profile is here.

Supported Charity: Get Me Out The Four Walls

The Norwich events, where appropriate, support Get Me Out The Four Walls which was founded in 2015 by Norfolk mum Naomi Farrow. Following her own battle with Postnatal depression after the birth of her twin daughters, Naomi made it her mission to help support local mums who were suffering with the condition by getting them out of the house.

She created a Facebook group, which currently has over 4500 members who are benefiting from the support and interaction of fellow Norfolk parents and GMOTFW Ambassadors.

25 active ambassadors and team leaders organize around 35 events per month in different locations in the Norfolk area allowing mums, dads, and other primary care givers an opportunity to escape their four walls for some adult conversation and support. 

The charity believes this promotes positive mental health and helps to extinguish the feelings of loneliness and isolation and last year (2017) they had 1881 attendees and ran 388 meets!

In addition to the normal group they opened a Post Natal Depression support group on Facebook which was created in 2016 and is a forum for mothers who have been diagnosed with PND or similar maternal mental illnesses.

They currently have over 400 members who regularly use the forum to help them day to day.  It is there for mums to talk, vent, and to seek support and advice from fellow sufferers.

In May 2016, their not-for-profit organisation was set up to campaign and raise funds to not only help run the support group and event pages but also to fund private treatment of mothers with severe cases of maternal mental illness in Norfolk.

An NHS referral to one to one counselling can take up to 11 weeks however they aim to get our patients an appointment within 7 days.

They are currently offering private treatment which includes counselling and acupuncture to patients referred to us. If this campaign and support group resonates with you, a donation page is here