NORWICH: Welcome to the Strong Girls Club with Gemma, founder of Mutha.Hood


Empowering and inspirational, Gemma from Mutha.Hood came to Norwich last night and did indeed live her brand! She meet her fans, chatted motherhood, maternal mental health and business.

We found out how unprepared Gemma was for motherhood first time round, how our mums wonder why are we even in this room talking about this (!), how Zara is instrumental in helping Gemma pat herself on the back. We heard about being recognised in the supermarket when her girls are being tricky, that finding your child's currency and using naughty points and TV tokens are helpful. 

In Gemma's top tips, we chatted about having specific jobs in the home, so if something isn't done, 'it's not my job!", talking to each other a lot to resolve the resentment before it builds up. How the moments of feeling like your winning at parenting are quickly followed by the opposite! 

We heard how Mutha Hood came about, how Gemma has grown it from a one woman show at home, to a business with a warehouse, by delegating each task once you're really good at it. Mutha Hood has grown through hours and hours of hard graft, late nights and weekends, and a huge passion. We heard how she plans her week, and what tools she uses to save time, as well as the creative process behind these gems above.

We heard how Gemma has dealt with copying - from the big boys to the start ups, the triggers that caused the growth and of course Erica Davies got a lot of love 💚

 Gemma is a talented woman, and it was a privilege to meet her, and be in the same room as all the other brilliant women. Sometimes I can't believe we are all there, and I feel very lucky that other women are keen to hear from our guests as I am! Gemma really has got this!