Discover your Superself with Carly Rowena, The Yoga Tree Norwich, Kristie Becker and Jackie Hamilton School at Erpingham House

Superself Norwich.jpg

Liza at @superself.1, a year 3 @nuafashioncomms student, has written her dissertation on the six dimensions of wellness, she knows her stuff. She created a bespoke, glorious event for 17 lucky mums on Sat 6th April at @erpinghamhouse.  

Guests were greeted with morning shots, fruit platters and a welcome talk from Liza, who explained that Superself is a space to switch off. Atma from @theyogatreenorwich taught a yoga session with mediation, providing ideas for busy mums and teaching correct breathing techniques and yoga poses.

Fitness blogger @carlyrowena and Emma from We Got This (Sometimes) chatted about confidence, motivation, food, parenting, relationships, headspace, bandwidth. She even offered to help one the guests who is injured. Key pointers:


  • Stop making excuses not to be kind to yourself (exercise, meditation, good food, early nights, quality family and friends time). Just do it.

  • CrossFit sounds good!


  • Keep something for yourself. For Carly, she has kept CrossFit as her own space, that she doesn’t share. This can also be applied to headspace - keep some time dedicated to your emotional headspace.


  • Communication and dedicate time to each other


  • Breakfast - Fave recipe: Oats, Chocolate Protein, Ice and Banana! Snack - Apple (or Dates) and Peanut Butter, Lunch - Eggs on Toast, Late night - Hot Chocolate

Carly was honest and open, and it was all a good reminder to ground ourselves and do what we need to do to feel ourselves. Also - what kind of life do we want to be living in 20 / 30 years time - that thought is kind of motivating.

Lunch by Erpingham House was delicious, and we gathered again after for an Essential Oils and their Emotional Benefits workshop with Kristie Becker. Did you know that essential oils can immediately effect your mood? Our sense of smell is more powerful than we think it to be and has great influence over our thoughts, emotions, moods, behavior and memories. Careful and proper use of essential oils can go a long way in balancing your emotional health. Kristie listed many emotions experienced by mums (sometimes over the course of an hour!), and let us smell a variety of oils that can improve mood.

A team of masseurs from @therapyaid and @jackiehamiltonschoolnorwich came to massage any lasting worries away, before the most incredible goody bags were given out, complete with tote bag from JoJo Maman Bebe, Superself necklace from @lisaangeluk, and samples from @plenishdrinks@vividdrinks@kitandkinuk@livias@betteryou_ltd @pukkaherbs and @bloomandblossomuk 

All photos by @matyaspaul