TW: Positive Birthing and Beyond with Siobhan Miller and Sarah Turner 

We loved hearing Siobhan @thepositivebirthmama founder of @thepositivebirthcompany in conversation with @theunmumsymum. Siobhan has helped thousands of women make birth better by helping them to be informed and empowered as well as providing tools for labour🌈🌈 She has just published her first book Hypnobirthing: Practical Ways to Make Your Birth Better

⭐We heard how hypnobirthing can be used in ANY type of birth.
⭐breathing through surges can help us remain calm.
⭐the 'in for four and out for eight technique' can help us to feel more relaxed in any situation
⭐and remember nobody can put their fingers inside your vagina without permission!

Thankyou to @exchangetwickenham for the lovely Conservatory, to @kellybackphoto for these gorgeous photos @theunmumsymum and @thepositivebirthcompany for their wonderful honesty and all our lovely guests for or joining us in Twickenham ❤❤