Knackered Parents' Night Out with The Unmumsy Mum and Man vs Baby (sponsored by Naked Wines)


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Brutally honest and hilariously funny, Sarah Turner and Matt Coyne delighted a sell out crowd of 250 Norfolk and Suffolk parents, babies and some grandparents on Thursday night in the beautiful Octagon Barn, Little Plumstead, Norwich!

After a drink at the super-value super-artisan Naked Wines bar (the frizzante and craft beer went down a storm as of course did the wine) and a delicious burger at Bite the Bullitt (it was one of the busiest 'slams' he has known!) groups of women and tired couples relaxed on the lawn or on the terrace in the balmy sun.

Sarah and Matt delighted us with their stories of births (like turning up to the Hunger Games with a Seaside Escapes Candle and a Snow Patrol CD), making friends (mentioning at baby massage why does my baby get a massage, I'm the sleep deprived one!), working from home and being at home (get out!).


We found out all about Ruth, what the best and worst messages from followers have been, what the Willy Show is, how interested Matt’s wife is in his work, how to survive hellidays , who the Red Coat Mum is, how welcoming a Nod of Sympathy can be to someone who is struggling.

There was an emotional outburst of applause for Matt who declared he realised he is the best parent for his son - despite what the books, the experts and everything else says. We were reassured that ‘everything really IS a phase’ and Sarah and Matt had a tussle over which age is the hardest, 2 or 3. And how can we forget enlightening us on what the penis beaker is?!

The Octagon barn was stunning - it’s totally unique, and has been in the family for generations. You could see sky through the roof before Katie and Joe renovated it  - and some of those beams in the roof are from North American trees that were seedlings in the 1100s! Available for weddings, corporate dos, charity events... please share that it's there! I heard lots of people say they’d like to get married again!

It was a pleasure to welcome Get Me Out The Four Walls again, and thank you Little Freddies who had given us free samples. 

Shout out to everyone involved - THANK YOU!


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"Great night! Two genuinely lovely people on stage who made us all proper belly laugh whilst also talking honestly about their experiences. Really enjoyed it ☺️👏😘" Sarah

"Thanks to @wegotthissometimes for bringing both @theunmumsymum and @manversusbaby to Norwich. A fantastic night out for parents AND non-parents, as I took my best friends who were staying with me from NZ. They were only mildly put off having kids 😂 but were completely bemused by the #penisbeaker chat!" Norwich Mumbler

"Last night I had a ball at @wegotthissometimes Knackered Parents' Night Out. I literally peed my pants with laughter at the brilliant @theunmumsymum and @manversusbaby 's ever relatable chat and it was lovely to meet them both for a little book signing at the end. 
A big well done to everyone involved, us parents really do need nights like these! Next time I'm bringing the hubby with me.
I loved it and It's so good to know that donations are being made to Get Me Out The Four Walls and
@kicks.count 🖤"  Mother Artist Blog

"Thank you Sarah & Matt for a brutally honest & hilariously funny night!! 😄👌🏻🍷"

"It was a fantastic night, Sarah and Matt were so hilariously funny, I got cramp in my side a couple of times!" Carrie

"Thanks for a brilliant night at the knackered parents night last night! Really enjoyed it!" Liz

"This was, without a doubt, one of the best organised events we've ever been to. Thanks so much for putting together such a fantastic evening, can't wait to do it all again soon!" A Story from Dad

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