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Twelve keys takes inspiration from early alchemists and the history of distillation to unlock a gin that embraces the here and now. Embark on a journey of discovery with our intriguing balance of twelve carefully chosen botanicals.

Rich honey from our wildflower meadow combines with succulent fig, caramelised quince, resinous juniper, verdant basil and ripe apricot as the catalyst for our classic london dry gin.

Our harmonious recipe delivers notes of freshness from caraway and fennel, delicate spice from frankincense and cinnamon and subtle earthy undertones of gentian and orris root, to create a full, distinct flavour.

Good things happen when you indulge the unexpected.

Harvey Nichols says… “Twelve Keys No. 33 Dry Gin is a work of beautiful alchemy, transforming base ingredients into liquid gold. First tasted at its launch in June 2018 at Junipalooza, we were astounded by the outstanding quality of this London Dry Gin from Norfolk. A masterpiece painted on a canvas of rich floral honey, splashed broadly with all-guns-blazing juniper, deeply warming spices and silky smooth fruit. Where so many gins are crisp and citrus-focussed, Twelve Keys walks a different path of fig, apricot, quince, exotic opulence and warmth, making it an exquisite choice for the colder months.” Harvey Nichols 2018

Note from Emma… “My friend Liz introduced me to Alex. She is a mum and obstetrician, and she and her husband Matthew make Twelve Keys Gin. It’s stocked by Jarrolds, Harper Wells, Harvey Nichols and Hedonism Wines. The bottle looks beautiful, the gin tastes divine. Just one of the small details - the honey used in Twelve Keys Gin is taken from the families micro-farm in Norfolk. When 5,000 bottles have been sold, they will invest in a new beehive – one big enough to house 60,000 bees.” 

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