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Win 2 front row Tickets to An audience with Father of Daughters

Welcome to We Got This (Sometimes!), an events business to create events that entertain and inspire parents set up by a Norwich mum. Bit of background is here!

Since the launch in November, I've welcomed to Norwich; Katie from Hurrah for Gin, Anya Hayes author of The Supermum Myth, The Scummy Mummies, INPOlife, and Mother Pukka - all mums.  The parents who've attended have found new friends and solidarity in appreciating the highs and lows of parenting. 

I'm super chuffed that Simon Hooper, @father_of_daughters, is coming this month - our first Dad guest. Please come! 

Tuesday 22 May, 19:00, Open Norwich, all the details are here

Terms & Conditions for the competition are here