Stop the Flitter Diary 2019 

Meet the diary that is a tried and tested tool for managing your life, your work, your family – while keeping your sanity. A diary that has the tools to organise, but the space to reflect. To plan, and to dream. However, you want to use it, the Stop the Flitter diary is here to encourage and inspire you, with real life-coaching tools to get the things done, whatever they may be. It is peppered with inspirational quotes and prompts and encouragement to keep you going. Because I know how important it is for it to not only look good, but also feel good, it’s
printed on great quality paper that you can easily write on.

Price £15.00

Note from Emma… “Norfolk Coach, entrepeneur and mother Sam James has helped countless women find success, peace of mind and happiness. I’ve personal experience of Sam’s coaching and can vouch for her. We all have a lot to balance, whether its children, work, our own parents, friends, partners, it’s not surprising to feel overwhelmed. This diary is a thoughtful and non-patronising tool to stay level.”

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