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Four Seasons Gift Box

Our luxury scented candles are a must this Christmas. Whether it’s a treat for yourself, or as a gift, they fill your home with the most amazing scent. Made from coconut and soya wax, they are paraben free, vegan friendly and come beautifully packaged. Each candle burns for 40 plus hours.

  • Cucumber and Wasabi for Spring

  • Thai Lime and Mango for Summer

  • Pink Champagne and Pomelo for Autumn

  • Christmas Spice for Winter

Price £42

Note from Emma… “Charissa is an artist and mum of three, and returned to Norfolk following a London career in fashion. Most candles use paraffin as it’s cheap, and ‘throws the scent’ out into the room, and she feels passionately that candles should be made from less toxic ingredients. She’s created a unique blend of coconut and soya wax to maintain the ‘scent throwing’ and deliver a much safer candle around families.”

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