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children’s book advent calendar

Each set comes with 24 individually wrapped and numbered books, one for each day of advent. There are some Christmas themed books, but not all are, so they last a lot longer than chocolate! We have sets for 0-2 years priced £40 and 0-5 or 6-8 years priced £35. They can be collected from Wymondham or posted at cost. A lower cost and free delivery is available if you’d prefer to DIY wrap. Advent orders need to be received by 23rd November, but there’s a huge range of other books (for ages 0 to young adult) available in Jemima’s online shop, all at affordable prices.

Note from Emma… “Jemima’s passion for reading is evident, she really really knows her range inside out. She can advise you, and offers a modern and easy way to shop for books.”

Price: 0-2 years priced £40 and 0-5 or 6-8 years priced £35

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