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Emily and Sarah

Emily and Sarah


3 month Parrot Street Book Club gift voucher

Give the gift of reading this Christmas. A Parrot Street Book Club subscription is the perfect gift experience for primary school-aged children. Each month they will receive a brand new chapter book, which they might not have discovered on their own – no classics or bestsellers. They will also get a specially produced activity pack which makes it easy for children and their families to engage more deeply with what they’ve read through discussion, crafts, trips and more. Choose between two age categories.

Price £39.95

Note from Sophie and Lydia… “Childhood friends Emily and Sarah have five children between them and set up Parrot Street Book Club on their mission to you and your child to books, authors and genres you may never have discovered. There are so many books out there, beyond the classics and the bestsellers, that they think you’ll love. And they are careful to choose books that aren’t pitched at any specific gender.”

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