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night hydrators - Frankincense and Boabab and Three Rose and Argan

These vegan, hand blended hydrators aren’t just for skin, they’re also to help enhance relaxation and encourage you to unwind at the end of the day. They come with instructions on how to slowly massage the Hydrator into your skin while doing breathing techniques.

They contain no water. They’re created so they take a few minutes to sink in to skin (to help you stop).

They’re FABULOUS for Autumn/Winter weather skin and dry indoor heating/air conditioning skin.

You slowly massage into clean, dry skin.


Wake up and rinse off in the morning.

Radiant skin.

Frankincense and Boabab

Featuring Frankincense, cold pressed Baobab, Vitamin E, Rosemary anti-oxidant, Apricot Kernel & Jojoba. This Award Winning SLOW BEAUTY PRODUCT is for face, neck & mood (help to aids rest, deep breathing & calm). Best suited to mature, dry and normal skins.

For skin in need of love - Body in need of downtime - Mood in need of grounding.

Three Rose and Argan

Featuring Rose Otto, Rose Geranium, Rosehip Seed, cold pressed Argan, Vitamin E, Apricot Kernel & Jojoba.

For Face, Neck & Mood (helps to rebalance emotions calm & lift). Best suited to normal, dry &/or mature skin.

For skin in need of love - Body in need of downtime - Mood in need of balancing.

Note from Emma… “Kathy Webb is a skilled aromatherapist, videographer, entrepreneur and mum, I loved her Serum Cocktail Bar - these products look sumptious.”

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