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#wegotthiswednesday - Ellie Gibson, Scummy Mummies

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Every so often, on a Wednesday, we ask a mum how they manage their work and family. This week, Ellie Gibson gives us her approach to feeling like she’s got this.  (Sometimes.)

Ellie came to three sell-out shows in Norwich with Helen Thorn. 

So Ellie, tell us a bit about yourself and your business... 

I am one-half of comedy double act Scummy Mummies. We tour our live show all around the UK, and also have a book and podcast. Our main hobbies are swearing, drinking, laughing, and arguing about whose turn it is to pay for the Nando's.  

What is your MOST embarrassing parenting moment? 

Interviewing Jane Garvey from Woman's Hour for our podcast while breastfeeding my son. I didn't realise he had fallen asleep and she had to politely inform me that my tit was hanging out.  

How do you juggle motherhood, with your business? 

Badly. It does help that Helen and I both have young kids, so we understand if someone's child is poorly or if they're just too knackered. We work really hard, but we are lucky in that we love our job, we have great support from our husbands and families, and we have a shared love of red wine and lying down. Thanks Ellie.

Follow Ellie @scummymummies and you can listen to the awesome podcast here