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Guests at the Sali Hughes and Sam Chapman October  event  (pic by Emily Gray Photography)

Guests at the Sali Hughes and Sam Chapman October event (pic by Emily Gray Photography)

If you follow me on insta stories, you may’ve seen my nervousness about Sophia starting school, for me! Well we’re in our third term and I’ve met some lovely women and am still meeting them too. It’s not easy though. The school run, I realised, is TEN TIMES a week. That you didn’t do before. The day is so short! However I am starting to enjoy some of the time after school when we can relax, and I’m starting to get a rhythm with school help etc. It’s still a bit of a culture shock. The paperwork! Our class is very big which makes it almost like crowd control and a little intimidating (the kids are fine!), but we’re getting there.

Here are some options for making friends if you haven’t found “your people” yet, at whatever stage of the motherhood journey you’re on…(I have direct experience of the local groups, there are probably more!)

1  - Mummy Social. Sarah Turner who visited us in July is one of the founders - there are lots of mums in Norfolk on the app

2 - Mush and Peanut - kind of like dating for mums

3 - Come to a We Got This event, even if you’re the only one interested in the speaker - I can match you with others! You can see previous events here, and tickets will soon be on sale for the third Fashion Re:Boot in Norwich. In Twickenham, there are tickets available for Fashion Re:Boot, an EXCELLENT way of shopping with friends for high street and high end preloved fashion, tickets available here.

4 - Follow Norwich Mumbler, Katrin runs a super active Facebook group, fab events and knows every event happening in Norwich

5 - Follow Sarah at Mummanmore for workshops and markets, she also runs a Facebook group called Women Helping Women Support Group here

6 - Rowan House run a breastfeeding cafe twice a month with Sian (who I’ve been told is “brilliant”) - and Motherhood Matters Cafes, follow them here

7 - Knackered and Norwich is a social club for the ‘knackered of Norwich’ run by Sophie at @muffinandpuffinmarketing and @vickicockerill, a great way to meet local people you may usually chat to online, this is where you can follow them

8 - Nourish Networking by The Orange Grove Clinic hosts business networking events for women

9 - If you’re in the Parent and Baby industry, the Alex at PAB hosts networking events and a Facebook group here

10 - Watch this space for We Got This Power Hours for freelancers and entrepeneurs - Hannah and I did one in April, and I’m still using the info, and lots of you have signed up for a list for the next one, the list is here if you’d like to join it, or just drop me an email at emma@wegotthisco.com.

Other places:

Norfolk Mums has a lively Facebook Group

Sophie at fab business The Night Feed has opened a pop up cafe called The Day Feed, click each link to follow her.

Any more to add? Let me know!

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