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First Interior Design Masterclass released in Norwich

So, we had Anna Newton here in January to explain to us how to ‘edit our lives’ - how is that going for you? I still have a clear, perspex little chest of drawers in my junk cupboard that brings me joy (ignoring all the Calpol syringes, boxes of matches, sun cream, and essential oils that have gathered around it 😳).

Anyway, if you feel like your home could do with a bit of TLC this is just the event for you. From 9:30 until 16:00 on Saturday 9th November in the upstairs very lovely room at Cosy Club, you’ll join a small group of like minded people, for coffee and Bread Source pastries, before Holly from Salt Interiors starts us off with how we get started off making our home nice. She will explain how we make our homes personal to us (I did NOT pine for a navy lounge because of instagram). David from Todd Designs is the man to know about how to upcycle and where to buy vintage pieces locally. We’ll have lunch prepared by Cosy Club and then will be treated to a Wreath Making Workshop with Victoria from Petite Verte whose creations are stunning.

Sound good? Don’t hang about as we launched nearly a week ago on email and the tickets are almost all snapped up!

She asked me not to mention but I can’t take credit for the planning of this gorgeous day, Helen who is a fellow freelance mum was so passionate about doing her new home she organised it all - thanks Helen!

Paradox Living changed my life; by Christian Adams

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I know Paradox Living from a mother-stress-busting perspective following a bout of baby illness, house moves etc however this post is about their personal training service with a difference…it might help you or someone you know :-)

If you’re coming to see Katie aka Hurrah for Gin, you can pick Evan's (fitness) and Wallis’s (beauty and treatments) brains as they will be available at the event from 6pm for chat, inspiration, natural products and indian head massages (lots of lucky mums have snapped those up already)….

Read on to find out how Evan’s wellbeing approach changed the life of Christian Adams, who had a severe, debilitating back problem….

"I felt like I was one of those people living an independent life.  I worked hard and did a very physical job. An array of hobbies kept me reasonably fit. I can say I didn’t have the most nutritional diet, but then again, I didn’t think it was that bad. I had my own house. I had a great girlfriend. But, all of a sudden, I injured my back and my world changed. I picked up a box, turned slightly and inevitably strained my lower back. 

This led to two years of incorrect posture alignment that put more pressure on my muscles and spine. This continually worsened the problem which led to chronic sciatic pain and muscle spasms. Like many people I didn’t think to treat the problem until the pain became unbearable. In the later part of my 20s I felt like I tumbled from a healthy, strong 6 ft 5 active male to a crippled individual who suffered from bouts of depression due to the excruciating pain I often awoke to. 

I went for Physiotherapy treatment every 2 weeks, tried 3 different Physiotherapists and also used the NHS for a short while in the hope to find the best care. I had a bad back for 2½ years. 

Some of the treatments felt like they had no benefit, or eased the pain for a few days. After what seemed like a lifetime trying to find helpful treatments, I had given up and accepted that I would just have to live with a bad back. 

I’m not going to lie, I felt I had exhausted all angles of finding a solution to gain full fitness and I was pessimistic about meeting with Evan. 

I decided I had nothing to lose, so went to see if Evan could help. He advised a complete plan that he altered as my posture and core strength improved.  I can tell you first hand, Evan’s plan simply changed my life. After three and a half months, I simply couldn’t believe it. I could now turn over in bed and was regaining confidence in my life. I was coming out of depression. It was truly amazing. It’s now 2 years on since my first session with Evan. I feel great. I have now moved to Cornwall, I cycle, surf, have a physical job again and I am once again enjoying my life.

I am eternally thankful to Evan for helping me solve an injury and indirectly help me get my personal life back on track.

I share this story with you in the hope that if you do ever suffer a back injury you know there are solutions. Don’t give up. There is light at the end of the tunnel."
Christian Adams


Do you have an Idea to Do Now You are a Mama?

We Got This Norwich.png

3 things that made We Got This happen

We Got This started from thoughts of what do I do now I have two kids…as a brand manager working from home I was lucky that I didn’t have to be at an office everyday, however buyers need meetings when they need them and it was when I was crying at Stowmarket train station as I’d got off a stop too early, pregnant and clock watching to pick up my daughter from nursery that I thought I can't do this with two babies! I was on the phone to my boss and I thought the station looked different but maybe it was a different side?!!?! Cue a very pregnant weeping women snotting to the train man about how long would a taxi take etc etc. Anyway. 

So. Will was born. I searched for something to help his dry skin and came across a coconut brand Kokoso (which I now use myself!), and saw a pic of Mother of Daughter's lovely twins and of course found Mother Pukka and her extremely relevant and epic Flexible Working campaign then scrolled and clicked and scrolled and clicked and found a whole world of mothers parenting, earning, having fun, learning, sharing mishaps AND actually connecting in real life at events. 

But not to Norwich…and that’s why I said to Mike one night, maybe I could host the events here as maybe other women would like to get inspiration from each other like me.

If you have an Idea-to-Do-Now-You-Have-Little-People, here are my top 3 things that made We Got This happen...

1> Little Black Book: A Toolkit For Working Women This is a brilliant tiny book, really easy to read and its quite pragmatic, looks pretty, and I felt like I’d been given a little guide of how to own a little space and it was perfect for shifting my brain from full on baby mode to start-to-think-about-earning-again mode.

2> Podcasts. It's like going to college or listening to your mates chatting but actually you are sterilising/washing/driving (I wish I could say running). One Girl Band - I LOVE Lola’s podcast. Bit like a pep talk if you are thinking about starting up a business. Cherry Healey's are really good, I especially love the one with Steph from Don't buy her Flowers, and of course Scummy Mummies make me HOOT with laughter (do NOT listen with kids though!). I have also partaken in some Side Hustle School listening, and for stuff completely unconnected with parenting, Ctrl Alt Delete makes me feel like an intelligent adult, which is nice. Please tell me what podcasts you find!

3> Running the idea past a life coach, my long suffering friends and husband and anyone who would listen! And then asking actual Norwich women if they would come. That could have been a school girl error. 

My intention is run workshops / talks / supper clubs that focus on different bits of all of's coming!