juggle struggle

What happens next?

Juggling lots is second nature to women, however when babies come along, the juggling gets faster and more tricky.

Those lovely days of all day binge watching box sets, or leisurely leaving the house at 11 on a Saturday for brunch vanish and it takes a good while to get used to it. I was hoping this wasn’t just my view on the world, as movies, books, magazines all make being a mum look kind of peaceful, happy, and wholesome. 

When I first read Katie Kirby’s (disclaimer, she is one of my best friends) blog when my daughter was about 4 months old, I literally crapped myself. It was the most honest, warts and all account of looking after two children I had ever read, and my first reaction was what on earth have I done! My second reaction and how I feel about it now is thank god it’s not just me. And I am ok in general with the highs, lows and averages of what can be a minute by minute or hour by hour change in our days. 

So, I really like the idea of getting together with other people who want to do stuff, maybe creative / money earning / socialising and when I properly discovered instagram I found inspiration in The Parent Pause in Rugby, Mum’s the Word in Tunbridge Wells and Cheltenham Maman. The baby classes are excellent at getting out of the house in the early days but I also wanted to learn stuff for me too. 

To check it wasn’t just me, I asked 93 mums in Norfolk to complete a little survey, which is amazing when you consider they’d rather probably be chatting to their mates on what’s app if they’ve 5 mins spare! So thank you to them.

  • 72% of Norfolk mums with two kids are looking for ways to manage the ever lasting juggle, citing me-time as the most out of reach challenge
  • Me-time is considered fitness, doing nothing and socialising
  • 65% of mums have more than one child, making the balance between kids, relationship, work, house, friends and self even harder (Katie’s plate juggling illustration comes to mind↓)
  • Mums life balance, parenting, food hacks, wellbeing, fitness and working for yourself are the most popular interests, which this new company We Got This will host events and workshops to help with  

Keep an eye on the website and social channels for the next events, or sign up and I’ll drop you an email when an event is all organised. I am a bit excited about this, I really hope it will be as useful and help parents like me carve out a bit of time to do the things they love, as well as enjoy family life. Let's do this!