#wegotthiswednesday - Anya Hayes, author of The Supermum Myth

Every so often, on a Wednesday, we ask a mum how they manage their work and family. This week, Anya Hayes gives us her approach to feeling like she’s ‘got this’. (Sometimes.) Anya Hayes @mothers.wellness.toolkit came to Norwich in January 2018, and inspired us with her empowering take on how we can handle emotions and anxieties as our kids grow, all found in her book #thesupermummyth....

Support maternal mental health for Norfolk mother’s when you attend a We Got This (Sometimes) event

Naomi Farrow founder of Get Me Out The Four Walls in the EDP - click to read the article

Naomi Farrow founder of Get Me Out The Four Walls in the EDP - click to read the article

PND effects 1 in 10 mother’s. We are very fortunate in Norfolk to have Get Me Out The Four Walls. Knowing what a lifeline it was, and still is to get out and about my kids, We Got This (Sometimes!) Norwich will support this charity where it’s appropriate to do so. 10% of any profits made on an event will go straight to the charity, so when you buy a ticket, you are helping. I have also added an optional donation on the ticket page in case you feel able to support further. You can meet one of their Ambassadors at Norwich: Meet Mother Pukka. ….here is a bit more about them...

Naomi Farrow is a Norfolk mum who has been fundraising for 3 years to:
🔸 shortcut the NHS waiting list for maternal mental illness treatment for mothers at the end of their tether 

🔹organise 35 events per month in different locations in the Norfolk area allowing mums, dads, and other primary care givers an opportunity to escape their four walls for some adult conversation extinguishing the feelings of loneliness and isolation. Last year (2017) they had 1881 attendees and ran 388 meets! 

🔸run the Facebook group, which currently has over 4500 members are benefiting from the support and interaction of fellow Norfolk parents and our Ambassadors   

🔹run an additional group, a Post Natal Depression support group on Facebook. A forum for mothers who have been diagnosed with PND or similar maternal mental illnesses, they currently  have over 400 members who regularly use the forum to help them day to day. It is there for mums to talk, vent, and to seek support and advice from fellow sufferers

🔸reduce the typical NHS referral for one to one counselling (can take up to 11 weeks) to 7 days

🔹offer private treatment which includes counselling and acupuncture to patients referred to them

Thank you the Eastern Daily Press and Sophie Wyllie for the recent coverage.