#wegotthiswednesday - Ciara Elliott, Fashion Re:Boot

Ciara Elliott.png

Every so often, on a Wednesday, we ask a mum how they manage their work and family. This week, Ciara Elliott gives us her approach to feeling like she’s ‘got this’. (Sometimes.)

Please can you tell us a bit about yourself and your business?⁣⁣

Ciara is a magazine editor and journalist, mum and general fashion and interiors fanatic. She has two little girls who are 6 and 8 and has recently given up full time work as Editor in Chief of interiors magazine @ekbbmag (Essential Kitchens and Bathrooms) to work freelance as an editor and journalist and get stuck into her house DIY as well as run @fash_reboot. Previous editorships and fashion editorships include the UK glossy Wedding, The Sunday Tribune and Irish Tatler magazine. 🚗

What is your most embarrassing parenting moment?
I think I’m probably the mum who has experienced them all - from turning up on non pupil days to forgetting tooth fairy money but the worst was when Edie was a baby and I was getting a taxi back with bags of shopping and the buggy and all that. I was beyond tired and managed to take everything from the taxi - other than the baby. The taxi driver knocked - after I’d shut the door and paid him - to hand me back the baby! 🚗

How do you juggle parenting with your work?
The reason I do this business is so I can juggle work around the kids school hours. I also have help from granny.

Find Ciara at @ciaraelliott and @fash_reboot 🙌🏻