6 stealthy ways to bring beauty back into your life again

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When I was tagged into a post about Sali Hughes doing a book tour, I realised I hadn’t even thought properly about beauty products for a year, apart from an emergency lipstick purchase (you can’t meet Mother Pukka and not have a red lip, in my eyes). Two small kids, setting up a business, moving house, freelancing and trying to be an adult took up the time (humble brag alert).

Without sounding like a cliche, I had of course my staple dark-eye-hiding concealer and colour-boosting trusty Bare Minerals foundation but I didn’t know what had changed, what was new, who was Bobbi Brown (joke!).

What if Sali opened my eyes to this world again? (she has). What if other women feel the same (you do!). When was the last time you leisurely browsed a make up brand IN REAL LIFE?! When did you last shake up your make up?! Exactly.

I am not going to say this is how I ‘treated myself’, or ‘pampered myself’ as ALL women should find a few minutes to themselves each day.

SO. 6 ways to edge beauty back into your busy, juggley life:

1 Read the archive of Sali’s articles at The Guardian. Just google her name plus the needed product type and you’ll be faced with a range of very bank account friendly options to luxury products. Here is a handy link to her entire back catalogue.

2 I was going to say, buy a ticket to see Sali Hughes in conversation with Sam Chapman. But it’s sold out now! 140 people are gathering next week at Jarrolds. Pretty Iconic (I have the new paperback version) is a bit like a blast from the past, a chat with a friend and the start of a wish list. Anyone else remember having a tube of Rimmel Hide the Blemish in high school? Or realising that YSL Touche Eclat on under eyes made them appear a bit ‘different’ in photos vs real life? You can buy the new book at Jarrolds (online link coming).

3 Along with over 2m other people, watch video after video of Norwich mothers Sam and Nic at Pixiwoo, their makeup tutorials are utterly mesmerising. Also LOOK…Nic did a ‘Mum on the Run’ tutorial 💁🏽‍♀️.

4 Watch Sali Hughes in the bathroom with Lily Allen. And Caitlin Moran. And Charlotte Tilbury. And Caroline Hirons. And Bobbi Brown. Here.

5 See Haylie @haylieclarkey__, she is the Senior Lead Artist at Charlotte Tilbury in Jarrold. You can pick up a quick trick in 15 mins, or a transformation makeover. I was in for a transformation makeover for my birthday, and learnt about what products are good for me, why, how much passion Charlotte put into the product development and I could pick ‘a look’.

My bestie Emma and me, footloose and fancy free on my birthday. Best pic I have of my transformation by Haylie.

My bestie Emma and me, footloose and fancy free on my birthday. Best pic I have of my transformation by Haylie.

I walked away with a few products and some samples, and my absolute favourite is the Magic Cream. It’s like using pillows of deep, enriching rose scented heaven. You can book in here.

6 Have you heard of Caroline Hirons? My friend told me all about her. I studiously examined her website to learn all about double cleansing, serums, night creams, day creams. Now THAT is investing in yourself. You might think what a load of faff, but I find I’m living my best life when I actually do this little routine. Often I don’t (very often) - a tip from my friend Gemma is to do it when the kids are in the bath. #everyoneiswinning #notexactlyrelaxing. Here is a link to Carolines cheat sheets.

I know I said 6 tips but what about all the beauty experts we have in Norfolk?! Here is a list of some I know, if you’d like me to add you, send me a quick email, more than happy to expand it!

Have fun, let me know what you find and do, let me know any tips! Emma x