Save the date for Weds 13th Feb....

We Got This Power Hour .JPG

So I had a coffee with @mrshannahroutledge in March 2018, and she imparted such great advice to me, (not just about Linkedin, basically grow a pair, still work to do but she definitely made an impact on me, even I started listening to Oprah’s audio book a few weeks ago Hannah!) and I thought, she could help others like me.

So I organised a #powerhour all about LinkedIn. In keeping with my intention to be honest I didn’t really feel I could chat about the night on here as it took me SIX months to apply any of the learnings! Just the reality of working motherhood. Anyway this is a pic of the evening when a hardcore group of business women came together to sip wine and dessert at @the_library_norwich_, and learnt about LinkedIn.

For me personally, it has given me the confidence to start using it in a professional way for my freelance work (despite loving the gram, LinkedIn is where business is made), and it's helped me win a short term contract which I hope will lead to a longer term contract in the new year👏🏽 (clapping myself is a bit weird, but I guess when you're self employed 😂).

You can also see a little gift I bought from @doingitforthekids_ who I love, which @rootsandtootsblog won.

Now I would love to do some more #powerhour sessions as it's 100000% more effective doing stuff in real life than digital courses (even if it takes months to action it!), HOWEVER the event on Weds 13th Feb that you’ve saved the date for will kick it all off I think

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