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Get Me Some Me Time

This is me. I’m a Mum first, a former PE teacher and now once again doing what I love and believe in so much! Personal Training!!❤️

I offer not just fitness sessions but a time for YOU to be YOU and dedicate and indulge in some I’m sure very much needed ME TIME!!! We are a team together. I hope we can start a rather magical journey together, that I hope not only opens your eyes to the wonderment of what exercise can do, but also that doing something for you is so very damn important!! To support this I have started to develop a clothing line that I hope excites many ladies, not only the beauty of the words but how it makes you feel when you wear a piece of my clothing.

Note from Sophie and Lydia… “Victoria’s 30's were taken up by her two babies. She didn’t do much, if anything for herself. So she started to think about the 'what ifs' and during her maternity leave with her second baby she decided to think 'what if I can!" So in her back garden she started personal training. Getting some ME TIME whilst the kids are watching, playing or joining in was the magic key and allowed women the freedom to come and train in a very relaxed, child friendly environment.”

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