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Nano Keratin Protein Smoothing Hair Treatment

“If you are anything like me, you hate your hair being a frizz ball! Damp weather to you means unruly, unmanageable hair. If this is you, have a read about our fantastic treatment that will mean #nomorefrizz for 3-6 months, imagine that? Heaven! The Nano Keratin Protein Treatment we use by Nano Keratin System UK is specifically for frizzy hair that needs taming by smoothing the hair with a natural conditioning treatment.

It is especially effective on damaged or coarse hair, such as over processed bleached, coloured or sun damaged hair. This also works on naturally curly hair, it just removes the frizz. Our amazing treatment would be perfect for keeping your hair tip top over the Christmas period and not having to use straighteners everyday!” Beth, Barry Alan

Price £150.00

Note from Emma.. “I would love this treatment! I know someone who had their hair cut by Barry for the Sali Hughes event, it looked shiny, modern and beautiful.”

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